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Replica Watches Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

To understand more about replica watches, we greatly recommend our customers to read the Replica Wathes Guide at first. That guide will explain the details of replica watches by each component for you. And if you confuse with the myths of replica watches, please access the Myths about Replica Wathes.

What is the difference between replicas and real watches? [replica guide]

Replica watches look exactly like their originals, but are made of cheaper materials, thus being moreaffordable for customers. Timepieces like all the other works of art have their copies. Every replica watch offered at ReplicaWatchMark.com is designed by professionals who treasure all the best traditions of watchmaking. Cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated design and reasonable price, there are all about our replica watches. And there is no need to break the bank, as the price tags are very attractive.

Why choose replica watches?

If looking for a high-grade wrist watch and can't offer thousands of dollar, then buying a replica watch is just what you need. There is no need to limit yourself by choosing just a single watch of a single style, the moderate prices of our replica timepieces allow to buy a wrist watch for each outfit and occasion. This possibility looks even more attractive, taking into account that the replica watches bought at a lower price look exactly like the luxury originals.

Are the pictures on the site of your actual products?

Most of the watch pictures are taken by us, and the rest are collected from the official website for many years.

Are all the watches in stock?

As our store have been running for years, we began collecting watches since 2001. By now, there are over 4000 watch models, with over 5000 watch pictures, onsale at our website. So some models maybe out of stock since the model was too old, that has been stopped making by factory. However, when you ordered the watches, we will check around the stock to make sure the watches is in stock for you before shipping, and then a email will be sent for confirmation. If the watches is out of stock, we will refund immediately, if you have paid. So you can rely on us to make your order. If you still worry about that, you can just make you order at first, without payment, when we confirm you the stock by email, then you go to pay at last.

How close do your products match the originals?

Our watches have stumped professionals. Certain testing is even required to tell their difference from the originals.

Does Swiss ReplicaWatchMark.com sell secondhand watches?

So far, Replica Watches Online Market haven't decide to branch out into secondhand watches, by now we sells only new watches. If you want to buy secondhand watches, we feel great sorry that we can't help you.

How long will the watches work properly?

Life cycle of a replica watch depends considerably on its owner and the way he treats his timekeeping device. If kept away from damage and serviced properly and in time, a replica watch will serve you for years not causing any trouble.

The replica watches we offer here at ReplicaWatchMark.com are of top quality. These differ considerably from the ones you might find at street vendors. Our replica watches will serve you for a long period of time.

To ensure the proper work of automatic movements, you'd better get them serviced by your local watch shop once in two or three years, as the oils might dry out due to the non-stop moving of the gears.

How often do you extend your assortment?

The online catalogue of watch models and brands is regularly updated, so it is enough to browse it to find novelty timepieces. The latest replica watch models of all world known watch brands are available at ReplicaWatchMark.com. These range from classic must-haves to some stylish sports replica watches, and cater to a wide range of interests and all age groups.

Will you limit the number of replica watches I order?

There is no limit, so you may purchase with us as many replica watches as you wish. In fact, we do ourbest to inspire you to purchase more than one watch at a time.

There are some sites that offer cheaper replica watches, why are yours more expensive?

The price of the watches depends on the quality. Here we offer you high grade timepieces. Your top notch watch of choice will last you for a long time. Some other websites may not pay attention to the quality of items old, thus they offer some cheap and low-quality timepieces that will not last very long.

Do you have a catalogue with all your watches available?

We are in the process of making a printed catalogue, but if you need this at this very moment, our website is printer friendly and you can easily print out any pictures of any watches displayed at our replica watch store.

What kind of glass is used in your replica watches? [replica guide]

Almost all our replica watches feature sapphire crystal glass that is very scratch resistant compared with the usual glass, but some replica watches are feature with normal glass.

Are all the marking and engraving on your replica watches accurate?

Be sure that these days replica watches producers do their best to develop markings and engravings on their timepieces with maximum precision.

Are replica watches water-resistant?

Replica watches are water-resistant, so do not be afraid to be caught in the rain. But you, certainly, should not wear them for diving or while swimming.

What is the difference between automatic, chronograph, and quartz watches?

Automatic or self-winding watches are powered by a self-winding mechanism and there is no need for batteries. To ensure their proper work for many years, please service them more often.

Chronographs are used as stopwatch timers. You will find a few variations of the chronographs. Some act with a center second hand that keeps time on the main dial of a watch. Others use sub-dials to keep track of elapsedhours, minutes and seconds.

Some chronographs show elapsed time on a digital display on the watch face. A chronograph can be responsible for a variety of functions, such as determination of speed or distance.

Quartz watches are equipped with a battery. The watches of this type usually serve longer than self-winding watches, but don not forget to replace the battery periodically.

What does sweeping second hand mean?

A sweeping second hand implies the second hand sweeping smoothly instead of ticking once every second.All automatic watches provide a sweeping second hand, while all quartz and chronograph watches have a ticking second hand.

How often do you extend your assortment?

The online catalogue of watch models and brands is regularly updated, so it is enough to browse it to find novelty timepieces. The latest replica watch models of all world known watch brands are available at ReplicaWatchMark.comThese range from classic must-haves to some stylish sports replica watches, and cater to a wide range of interests and all age groups.

Are the pictures on your site taken of the replicas you sell or some other watches?

We guarantee that all pictures displayed at our online replica watch store are actual pictures of our Japanese replica watches offered for sale at ReplicaWatchMark.com. Our replica watches look exactly as the images on your screen. We deal with the professional photographers to take the pictures for our online replica watch store.

Why does my automatic replica stop ticking and even loose time?

Once you receive your automatic replica watch, you'd better wind it for 3 minutes straight before wearing it for the first time. If you wear your automatic replica watch everyday, then your timepiece will continue to wind itself on your wrist when you move around and walk.

If you stop wearing it for more than about 2 days, the watch will need to be reset. But once you start wearing it on daily basis again, it will automatically wind itself.

If your automatic replica watch doesn't keep time, it means you are not likely to wear it constantly. If your watch is losing or gaining time in a 24 hour period, then the watch needs to be adjusted. All of our automatics have an adjustment screw on the movement just like their originals. Any local jeweler can easily service these watches.

How to set time?

To set time, you need to turn button in anti-clockwise direction if you have a screw-in lock watch. Then You need to softly pull the button out a little bit. The best way to do this is to use first and second finger and use finger knuckle as a lever in order to pull the button out with as little force as possible.

You can feel a little "click"! Now you can set the time by turning it anti-clockwise. This would turn the minute-hour hands forward until you set the right time. When time is set, push the button back and turning the button clockwise for a few rounds.

I have a watch with a date, how do I change the date?

To change date and time on you replica watch, please proceed as follows:

A. If your watch features a screw-in button, then turn the button anti-clockwise for a few rounds until it (the button) is loose. Then pull it (the button) out softly by using your thumb nail and first finger nail, softly, no force needed. You should then feel a "click" here.

B. There are two steps when pulling the button out. The first step is to set the date or day. The second step is for setting the local. You can only set Date forward by turning the button in one direction.

C. When you are done with setting date and time, push back the button and wind it clockwise for a few times. No need to lock it.

How long does it take to dispatch your watches?

The terms of delivery depend on thecountry. It takes 5-7 business days to deliver items to North America. For all international orders, packagestake 8-14 business days. All the products are shipped by DHL, USPS or Express Mail (EMS) with confirmation (Depending on availability).

Note: Business days do not imply weekends and holidays.

Shipping Questions

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, we deliver world wide.

What are shipping costs?

Our shipping costs are indicated on checkout, they vary for each location, starting at $20 and up to $30.

Who pays for the Duties and Tariffs on international shipments?

Customs clearance charges are your responsibility, as we have no control over these charges and cannoteven predict what they will be. You should contact your local custom office for more detail.

Do you dispatch the items ordered the same day the order was placed?

No, it usually takes some time before your order is dispatched. This allows our staff to verify the order details and to package the order. Once your order has been verified and confirmed, it is sent to our packaging and shipping department. It will then take about 7 business days for the package to arrive, from thetime your order was processed. (Business days - excludes weekends and holidays.)

It has been 3 days since I placed my order, how come it still hasn't been shipped yet?

Depending on which style of watch you ordered, it may have to be custom made, as some watches are madeto order. Some of the more exotic watches can take up to 3-5 business days for it to be shipped out. As soon as your watch is shipped out, you will be notified of it in your Members Section. The status of your watch will indicate as "Shipped".<

I'm leaving the country in 2 days. Is it possible to have my order shipped to me overnight?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our packages overnight due to the large number of orders we receive everyday.

Are there any other hidden fees I have to pay besides for the product and the shipping?

No, there are no additional fees to be paid. It's our goal to make your shopping with ReplicaWatchMark.com pleasant and enjoyable both during and after the sale.We take a great pride in offering a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Security Questions

Can I be sure about my confidentiality?

We are committed to providing a safe and secure online shopping experience and protecting the privacy of our customers. Thus you can be absolutely sure about your confidentiality.

Our reputation means a lot for us. All the operations are performed with maximal discretion. Every step available has been taken to make our customers' shopping pleasant and enjoyable both during and after the sale.

What is my personal information used for?

The minimum information we require is used just to execute your order and to contact you in case something goes wrong.

Will my telephone number be given out to anyone else?

No, your telephone number and other personal information will never be disclosed to any third party. We keep it in our database for future reference, when you make another order with us. We will contact you just in case we need to verify your order and if there are any problems with the order.

Do you sell or share information about your customers with other companies?

Our customer's security is our top notch priority. Thus we DO NOT share information about our customers with any third party.

Is my online information secure?

We keep your personal information according to the highest security standards.

We use progressive methods of leakage prevention such as SSL (secure socket layer) protection. This allows to keep information encrypted and proceed credit card transactions in safety.

Payment Questions

What credit cards do you accept?

We take Visa and Mastercard. Our secure credit card processing systems takes advantage of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security, protecting both shoppers and merchants.

Can I withdraw the order placed with your online store?

You can withdraw your order within 24 hours of its placement.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with your product or service?

We will gladly refund any defective product and exchange any unwanted products, within 10 days of arrival.
There is a 10-DAY WARRANTY on the watches, for manufacturers' defects ONLY. This does not cover damage due to wear and tear and water damage. We have a very sharp-eyed returns examination department, so we can easily determine manufacturers' defects from wear and tear.

More Questions

If you have more questions that not listed above this page, Please contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Email: replicawatchmark@gmail.com



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