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Replica Watches Differences and Guide

The Differences among kinds of Replica Watches

Mechanism Manufactured

  • Swiss Made (Swiss Replicas)

  • Movement mechanism was actually manufactured in Switzerland, by a company selling movement mechanisms to the REAL brands. One Well known Company is ETA. Swiss Replica watches are TOP grade watches.

  • Japanese Made (Standard Replicas)

  • Movement mechanism manufactured in Japan, the quality differences in this category are tremendous. You may have Japanese made replicas of the highest quality available, even compared to the Swiss category. And you may have true "junk" worth even less than the Chinese "paper toy" replicas. Our "Standard Replicas" are of the highest level available today on the Internet or elsewhere, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

  • Chinese Made (Cheap Replicas)

  • The lowest of the low. WE DO NOT DEAL WITH CHINESE MADE REPLICAS. Those are the watches you usually see sold on the street or in 3rd world country shopping markets, for example as in Vietnam and Mexico.

    Note: Throughout the Internet, unless mentioned a replica watch is "Swiss Made", 99% of the times its Japanese made, unless you are getting robbed with a Chinese one. High Quality Standard Replica watches are HIGH grade watches.

    Movement Types

  • Swiss Replicas

  • 7750 Valijoux: Used in REAL brand watches. Fully Automatic.
    ETA: Standard for "Automatic" Replicas unless otherwise mentioned. Fully Automatic Quartz Battery: If the watch is not called "Automatic", then its working on a battery.

  • Standard Replicas

  • ETA: Standard for "Automatic" Replicas unless otherwise mentioned. Fully Automatic Quartz Battery: If the watch is not called "Automatic", then its working on a battery.

    Gold, Stainless Steel and Diamond

  • Swiss Replicas

  • Gold: Whenever mentioned gold, you see REAL plated high quality 18K gold.
    Steel: Whenever mentioned Steel, you see REAL 440 Stainless Steel. 440 is the level of Steel strength, made in Switzerland.
    Diamonds: Whenever mentioned diamonds, you see Cubic Zirconia which is a mineral that is widely synthesized for use as a diamond simulant.

  • Standard Replicas

  • Gold: Whenever mentioned gold, you see REAL gold, but not high-quality 18K gold!
    Steel: Whenever mentioned Steel, you see REAL 440 Stainless Steel. 440 is the level of Steel strength, made in Japan.
    Diamonds: Here is where you need to check the website you are buying from, most Standard Replicas do not consist of real diamonds, Ask before buying! Our Standard Replicas are one of the few built with real diamonds.

    Water-proof or Water-resistant?

  • Swiss Replicas

  • Swiss Replicas are 100% water PROOF, meaning you can swim wearing the watch, without having the warranty expire. Our Swiss Replicas were proven at 30 meters of dive depth.

  • Standard Replicas

  • Here is another tricky spot of the replica industry: Standard Replicas are NOT water proof, they are water RESISTANT! meaning you cannot swim or even shower wearing the watch, you get no warranty on water damages with Standard Replicas, this is the industry standard procedure. Do not fall for online stores promising coverage for water damage on Standard Replicas, its a hoax.


  • Swiss Replicas

  • Should include an extensive 180 days warranty on all damages.

  • Standard Replicas

  • Should include a 90 days warranty on manufactures defects, will not cover water damages.


  • Swiss Replicas

  • Will usually vary between $500 and $800, what you are paying for is the quality of materials, especially the movement mechanism and extensive warranty.

  • Standard Replicas

  • Will usually vary between $180 and $260, what you are paying for is the complete service of providing a high quality TRUE replica using CHEAP materials and a personal support service.


  • Swiss Replicas

  • Will bear all markings and Engravings to the Authentic Watches, they will also carry the same weight and size to the authentic watches.

  • Standard Replicas

  • Will usually vary slightly from the authentic watches, markings and engravings will very slightly vary to the authentic watches but is only noticable when compared to the authentic watches side by side, we at Replica Hause however aim to provide and manufacture watches which bear all markings and engravings and also carry the same weight to the authentic watches.

    Rolex Watches Guide & Replica Jewelry: From Yachtmaster to Ladies Rolex Watches

    TheReplicaWatchMark.com replica watches guide will help you navigate the online fake Rolex watches business. If you're able to tell fake Rolex watches from the real ones, you'll be able to find the high quality replicas and avoid getting suckered by an opportunist vendor who is selling shabby hardware and calling it Rolex.

    Know this first of all: Genuine men's or lady's Rolex watches, whether it's a Yachtmaster, Submariner, Daytona or whatever, are only available on the Rolex site and through authorized vendors. So if you come across a vendor online claiming to sell authentic Ladies Rolex watches, or, for instance, a private seller on E-bay who says they've got a real Rolex Yachtmaster that they're hoping to sell for five hundred bucks, be weary. Be very weary.

    Good fake Rolex sites allow no mystery surrounding their productos. A replica is a replica. Its an entirely different market. If you're looking to buy one, then be sure to buy from a vendor who's honest about what it is.

    The idea behind a good replica is that no one can tell the difference between it and a fake. If you're on this site we're confident that's what you're after: Fake Rolex watches that look, feel, and work like originals. Read the info below and you'll be able to decipher the quality from the crap.

    What Does a Top Quality Japanese Replica Entail?


    The average person may be fooled by replicas that lack some of the more minute markings of a genuine designer watch. Collectors; however, and those accustomed to seeing the originals will easily reveal your watch as a fake if the fine details differ from the original. A genuine grade one replica will always have the exact markings of the original. There are too many specific markings on the thousands of replicated watches out there to go into detail about each one. It is always up to you to research the particular watch you are interested in. What follows is a guide to the most common engravings that will help you distinguish cheap from quality replicas.

    Rear Cases

    The first thing you need to watch for here are markings and engravings on replica watches that aren't actually on the original model. For instance, apart from a few special edition exceptions, Rolex does not engrave the rear case of their watches. Genuine Rolex watches are either: solid and unmarked, or have a green hologram sticker on the rear case that displays the Rolex logo and serial number. Watch for green stickers that are not holograms. Also look out for cheap replicas with engraved rear cases like these below:

    Another common giveaway is a see-through rear case, called a skeleton case that allows you to see the watch's movement. Rolex has not to date made a watch with a transparent rear case:

    Pay attention; however, because some other commonly replicated watch dealers do make watches with engraved or see-through rear cases. For instance, ReplicaWatchMark.com carries the Omega Speedmaster pictured below. A common mark of Omega and Breitling watches is an engraved picture and serial number on the rear case.

    The Audemars Piguet Jules model pictured below is an example of a watch with a transparent back. Always find out what the rear case should look like before purchasing a replica.

    Case, Crown, Dial and Bracelet Engravings

    The Bracelet and Case

    All genuine Grade One replica Rolexes will have a Rolex crown logo engraved on the clasp and a laser-etched Rolex crown on the crystal above 6 oclock whenever the original model does. Most Rolexes have the model number engraved at the 12 oclock position on the case between the lugs. The serial number is engraved under the 6 oclock position.

    Many of the watch models with stainless steel bracelets have specific engravings on the bracelet clasp. On Omega stainless steel models the clasp is always engraved with the Omega logo. The Rolex crown logo is engraved on the clasp of many Rolex models such as the Daytona below. Ensure that this marking is on the watch you purchase.

    The Crown/Winder

    The crown is the knob used to set the time on a watch. The crown of a Rolex watch will either have the Rolex crown engraved or a jewel set directly into it. Rolex uses a one piece crown with the Rolex logo at the end. On a cheap replica the logo is glued on after the watch is made. This creates a visible seam between the crown and the glued cap. Current Rolex watches have three dots below the emblem on the crown indicating triple-lock capability. On some cheap replica the dots are missing as seen below:

    Genuine Rolex Cheap Replica

    Most Audemars Piguet models have the AP logo engraved into the crown. The lack of this marking will easily give away a fake:

    The Dial

    The dial is the most prominent aspect of the watch; as such, replica dealers will put the most effort into making theirs look like the original. Still, the quality of dial appearance and functions on different grades of replica will differ tremendously. Dont be fooled, the dial is the first thing you should examine. The way to decipher quality from cheap replica here is in the materials used and fine details. Is the color of the dial exact to the original? Is the font of the date display exact?

    For instance, the numbers in the date bubble of a Rolex should be exactly in the center of the magnified Cyclops lens. On virtually all replicas the date will either be high or low in the date window:

    Genuine Rolex Cheap Replica

    Also, as the date and day change on an original Rolex or a high quality replica they snap into position. On cheaper replica they slowly move into position. This means that as you get closer to midnight you will start to see the date slowly roll to the next day. On Rolexes and quality replica the change is instantaneous.

    Are the hour markers correctly positioned, sized, and styled? Cheap replica dealers will sometimes substitute components like this with materials from a different watch model to save money, or they just havent done their research. The Daytona in the cheap replica picture below has hands from a Day-Date model, which are flat on the tip rather than rounded:

    Genuine Rolex Cheap Replica

    Look on other sites to find out what the dial should look like. Check also for embossments and logos that should be on the watch face.

    The length of the hands on a Rolex watch should reach the second markers. On many replicas it is short by 2-3mm. Also, the illuminated circle on the second hand should hit the top of the12 o'clock triangle exactly.


    There are Swiss, Japanese, and Asian grades of mechanisms as well as automatic and quartz movement. Consider the mechanism as you would the engine of a car, it is what  under the hood that counts.

    There are a handful of grades of movement; Swiss ETA is the best and Japanese is second. Grade One Japanese Replica will have a genuine Japan-made Miyota 21-jewel automatic movement. The watches are either assembled in Japan or shipped to another part of Asia for assembly, but the watch mechanism is always Japanese. This is a 21-jewel automatic movement system. Beware of claims of 31 jewel or 33 jewel movement. It does not exist, and if it does it is not genuine Miyota.

    The amount of jewels in the movement refers to the microscopic increments in the gear that spins the watch hands. More jewels means a smoother motion. (Think like pixels in a computer image). Miyota movement creates a smooth sweeping second hand with no stop/start or tick-tick movement. The increments (like pixels) should be invisible far beyond the scope of the human eye.

    Another aspect of genuine Miyota movement is the hacking mechanism. What it does is when the crown is pulled out to set/adjust the time, the second hand stops moving. If the second hand keeps moving the watch does not have the hacking mechanism like the original.

    Watches that do not have genuine Miyota movement may be unreliable. You won't know unless you know the company that manufactured them. The automatic movement could slow or speed up over time, or stop. Miyota is a durable, precision instrument. This is one of the most important considerations when buying a replica. Some retailers will claim to carry watches with Miyota movement and actually have mechanisms made elsewhere in Asia. Find out first. You need to be able to contact them, read what others have said about their productos, and get a guarantee. If they cheaped out on the mechanism your watch will stop working, perhaps within a year, and become useless. A genuine Japan-made replica will not only look magnificent it will work magnificently as well.


    You can make your own judgments quite easily when it comes to materials using common sense. For instance, will a solid gold watch be on sale for $200? Never. Is it possible to make a fantastic replica using thick plated 18k gold? Yes it is, in fact many of the authentic designer watches are actually made using triple wrapped gold. Materials more than anything affect the price of the watch. How important it is to you to have the real thing will help you decide which grade of watch replica you want.

    Your primary considerations when it comes to materials are how they affect the weight, appearance and durability of the watch. Don't forget that a good replica weighs exactly what the original does.

    Bracelet/Case Materials

    Gold: Things to consider when buying a gold watch are the color, weight, and whether it is plated, solid, or triple wrapped. As well, be aware that particularly Rolex and Cartier often use pink hued gold, or the common yellow gold. A gold that is too shiny or the wrong color will give it away immediately. True gold should not fade, whereas plated gold that is too thin will eventually fade off to reveal the steel beneath it. A faded gold will virtually render the watch un-wearable. Gold Grade One replica watches are thick plated 18k gold which means the gold is 100% real and thick enough that it will not fade off.

    Two-tone refers to models with integrated stainless steel and gold bracelets. Two-tone Grade One replicas require less gold and; thus, should be a thick and solid 18k gold plating and solid stainless steel. All full gold models are plated 18k gold. Remember that a solid gold watch would cost thousands of dollars to manufacture, and even luxury watch designers generally use triple wrapped gold unless it is a $25 to $50 000 special model they are selling. Be careful of retailers claiming to sell solid gold watches. It is a lie, is impossible, and reveals their dishonesty.

    Solid stainless steel Grade One replicas are durable industrial grade stainless steel. This is forged steel that is a durable, weighted material. A lower grade steel will not have the exact weight and durability of the originals. Only forged top quality steel is virtually dent and scratch proof and can withstand intense underwater pressure.

    The first giveaway here is the weight. The density of the metal is what determines its quality. It is quite possible to make an excellent replica of exact weight and strength using industrial grade stainless steel. On the cheaper end some companies may use alloys (mixed metals) which can really affect the strength and appearance of the bracelet. Look for bracelets with too much shine, or conversely, are too dull looking. Besides appearance, a more malleable, weak, metal will easily dent or scratch, and will be too lightweight. Some retailers will sell plated stainless steel that is sort of stuffed with weights and cheaper metals. If you are paying for a Grade One replica you shouldnt accept this. It has to be solid stainless steel.

    Bracelet Links

    A common shortcut taken by Rolex replica dealers is to use pins as links on the bracelet instead of threaded screws like the originals. This is extremely important, not only will it give away the fake immediately, it makes adjusting the bracelet size a terrible hassle. Genuine Japanese replicas have the exact threaded screws as Rolex. The screws can be easily removed and adjusted. Pins are a dead giveaway for cheap watches.


    The crystal is the dome over the face of the watch. The consideration here is whether or not it is genuine sapphire crystal or if it is mineral crystal, a similar but duller and weaker glass. A very cheap replica may have standard glass or even plastic. Sapphire crystal has a hardness rating only slightly less than diamond. It is an exceptionally strong glass used by all the designer watchmakers and genuine Swiss and Japanese replica dealers. The reason is that it is scratch proof, impeccably clear and glare resistant. When you first receive your watch take it into a jeweler to ask if it is sapphire crystal. Mineral crystal is a lower grade of essentially the same thing and many mid-grade replicas are made with it. It is a question of degrees again; the originals are made with sapphire crystal, so a top quality replica will be to. The important thing is that you know what you are buying. If you expect the best then demand sapphire crystal.


    You will need to familiarize yourself with the special features of the watch model you are purchasing. You want to ensure that your replica will not only look exactly like the original, but that it has all the same functions.

    Water Resistance

    Top quality Japanese replica watches should be impermeable to 30 feet. This is an abundant water resistance to work with for the average person. The depth refers to the pressure the crystal, crown, and seal, components can handle before cracking or leaking. What is important to most people is to know whether the watch can sustain rain, washing dishes, and the shower. This is an essential aspect of a quality replica. You dont want to have a useless watch because you forgot to take it off in the bath. Therefore, pay attention to what the website states about water resistance. A watch retailer saying don't wear our watches in the shower? is honest, but not selling Japanese replica.

    Every quality replica will have a form of rubber seal system around the lugs and crown. Inquire directly about this component. Without it water will seep in and damage the mechanism.

    Rolex models featuring the triple-lock crown (ie. Submariner, Sea Dweller and Daytona) utilize an extra seal within the threads of the winding crown tube. This gasket resembles a black O-ring and is visible when the crown is fully unscrewed. This is a must for the watch to be water resistant. As shown below, many replicas dont have this seal, but rather basic screw down threads:

    Chronographs/ Tachometer Functions

    Many sport and professional models of designer watches have chronograph functions. Particularly Omega, Breitling and Rolex have developed very precise and complicated mechanisms for simultaneous time keeping. The original Rolex Daytona, for instance, has 3 chronographs on the dial which measure distinct time intervals. A quality replica with genuine automatic Japanese movement will have the correct functioning chronographs. Before you purchase a watch, inquire. It is possible to purchase low end Asian replicas with the chronograph dials just there for show. It depends what you want. If you are reading this you probably want a watch that not only has the functions, but they also work.

    Keep in mind that with specific professional models, like Breitling, Panerai, and Omega produces, that are tested for use in deep ocean diving and trips to outer space, you will not find a replica anywhere with those same capabilities. An honest dealer will be up front about the functions of their watches. After all, not many of us are out there buying replicas for trips to the moon. A Japanese replica will have highly advanced functions for everyday use. Again, as with these claims of solid gold replica watches, be realistic, and look out for dealers with outrageous claims. If they say their watch will work in orbit, it's just that they know you wont be going out there.


    Luminox is the Rolex name for self-luminescent or glow-in-the-dark hour markers. It comes from the Luminor technology developed by Panerai for high visibility in underwater darkness. Most every Panerai model, and certain Rolex models will have a Luminor or Luminox dial which will glow an iridescent green in the dark. In most cases Panerai has Luminor in the name of the watch model. Often you can tell by the pictures on the site, that is if quality pictures are available, whether or not a specific replica dealer has luminescent dials. Take a look at the photo below. The 2 and 4 are well lit and; therefore, white, whereas the 12 and 10 are beginning to glow green to counteract the shadow they are in. This is Luminor. In darkness this watch dial will glow bright green. On the level of Japanese replicas you shouldn't settle for less.

    Cyclops lens

    Many Rolex models have a magnification device over the date called a Cyclops. This small lens makes the date easier to view at a glance. Due to the depth of the face from the crystal or poor magnification, some replica watches dont show a true 2.5x magnification. On a real Rolex and a quality Japanese replica the date should nearly fill the Cyclops lens.

    The Cyclops will also have a sharp edge where it meets the sapphire crystal. This is hard to see with the naked eye but can be felt quite easily by running your fingers over the lens.


    When you put on a top quality replica watch no one should be able to tell it is not real. If it canfool the watchmakerit is a good replica. This means that every component needs to be exact in feel, weight, and appearance. Before making the investment you should follow the information above. Inform yourself, contact the company, do some online research. The company claims should above all be realistic. If you are informed you will be able to see through outrageous claims. Remember to take advantage of the avenues you have to contact the retailer. And if you cant contact them, dont deal with them. Making online purchases can be secure and easy if you are informed. Anyone can uncover a dishonest dealer; you just need to test them.



    Disclaimer: Thank you for visiting our web site. All watches you find on this web site are only replicas. They are not in any way related, endorsed or affiliated to the original manufacturers of the names mentioned throughout this web site.